EATING DISORDERS: Decode the Controlled Chaos

EATING DISORDERS: Decode the Controlled ChaosEating Disorders Book Coverprovides the information to gain a deeper understanding of the severe epidemic of eating disorders. As treatment professionals, teachers, parents, siblings, and friends, we have a responsibility to one another, our society, and the generations to follow, to become knowledgeable and more willing to talk about this silent killer.  It is time for us all to gain awareness and choose to do something differently before it is too late. WE need to work together to gain more insight to provide more prevention and share what WE are learning with the next individual who is willing to listen. Let’s choose to become united to help create freedom from the prison of eating disorders.
This book will help you to:

        • Expand your knowledge of eating disorders
        • Grasp the severity and prevalence
        • Explore the numerous causes
        • Identify early warning signs and recognize current symptoms
        • Increase awareness of the potential medical complications
        • Understand the meaning and importance of a multi-disciplinary treatment approach
        • Learn about the treatment options available
        • Facilitate a clinical interview
        • Enhance your understanding with the use of clinical vignettes


Erica Ives, M.A., MFT, CEDS, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist. She has been practicing as a therapist for nearly twenty years. Erica has a private practice, Mindfulpath, Inc. in Calabasas, CA, works as a consultant at treatment centers, practices as a CAMFT Clinical Supervisor training therapists working towards licensure, and has written numerous published articles on eating disorders and addiction. Most importantly, she is blessed with helping others find freedom from the imprisoning world of eating disorders. Walking on her own journey in recovery, Erica demonstrates a passionate devotion to this field of healing.

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