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– Roxanne Rafiepour, M.A., Doctoral Candidate

"As parents with a teenager daughter who has become very consumed with her body image, reading Eating Disorders: Decode the Controlled Chaos, provided us with an understanding of the warning signs of eating disorders. This book also helped provide us direction with treatment, as well as the importance of our involvement as parents in her recovery."

– S.P. (family in Malibu, CA)

"There is absolutely no way that I would have started my path to recovery without Erica.  It was with a compassionate soul that I was able to begin this journey to recovery.  In short, Erica truly saved my life.  She saved me from the life that could easily have been completely devoted to my eating disorder and shined a light on this life of recovery. Thank you, Erica, for stepping into my once dark and hopeless world, and transforming it into a world of light, hope and true freedom." 

–  Anonymous Client

"Your manuscript is very interesting and is well organized. Your manuscript deserves to be readily available as a healthcare tool.

– Dr. Peter (Edit 911)

"Erica is truly an inspiration. I feel so blessed and privileged to have had the opportunity to work with you, but most importantly learn from you. Your in-depth knowledge along with your passion, motivation, and support has helped me become the therapist I am today. Thank you for helping me in my journey."

– Gesselle Mayorga, M.A., MFT Intern

"Erica Ives, the author of a fantastic must-read book “EATING DISORDERS: Decode the Controlled Chaos” is truly an expert in the area who knows and understands eating disorders."

– Ana Weber 

"After reading this book I have a much better understanding of signs and symptoms to look for because my daughter is a competitive athlete. Thank you, Erica."

– Natalie B.

"Erica has written this book in a way that makes it readable not only for a parent, loved one, and any professional, but also the individual in recovery from an eating disorder. Her vignettes are written in a manner where you gain a much deeper understanding of the entire world of eating disorders. I also really appreciate the chapter on the types of treatment available." 

– Diahann K., MFT


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"I always knew I wanted to become a psychologist but Erica’s hunger, passion, dedication/motivation, and personal stories she graced us with, and our supervision meetings were truly motivating reasons as to why I wanted to further my education and go for my doctorate. I feel blessed to have worked with Erica and to have her as a mentor.  So thank you again and igniting the light in me and being a great support and true role model."

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