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Updated: Aug 27, 2019


written by Erica Ives


There are so many topics affecting our youth, adults, and families, which need to be talked about and addressed amongst each other, throughout communities, and with professionals, even as a nation. There is Power In Every Voice and WE must keep the dialogue going around these charged issues and continue where the story far too frequently leaves off. Topics ranging from mental health issues, drug and alcohol abuse, suicide, bullying, gun violence, addictions, school shootings, the rise in obesity, eating disorders, racism, divorce, domestic violence, infidelity, trauma, abuse, rape, teen pregnancy, the negative impacts of social media, to dealing with unexpected tragedies resulting in loss of loved ones, and natural disasters.

As a Marriage and Family Therapist for over 20 years and a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist who has seen, experienced and worked with painful realities resulting from eating disorders, abuse, trauma, suicide, and many addictions,  I believe I have a responsibility to your child, my child, whoever you are reading this blog post, my family, your family, and our communities to help keep the dialogue going, alive and engaging. As a society, we tend to finally “talk about” these concerns because some horrible tragedy has brought the topic to the fore front. However, once a bit of time has passed and something new needs to be dealt with as a community, a society, or a nation, and the immediate fear has passed, the past conversation remains opened with little to no action taken, until something tragic occurs again. A problem though, is that whatever was left open often becomes filled with animosity, anger, discouragement, hopelessness, and frustration, in addition to the topic or tragedy that needed to continue as an ongoing dialogue in the first place. Too often, we hear “what’s the point, nothing is going to change anyway” and THIS is simply not OK. We all need to continue to be a voice for those who are no longer with us, those who have difficulty speaking, decided to stop speaking, or just stopped caring. One voice can open the door for another voice, and so on, and so on. Through my extensive experiences as a woman and a therapist, I  understand that we must speak our truths and protect each other and future generations. I believe there is power in EVERY voice. WE need to believe there is power in all of our voices.

I am hoping that Mindfulpath Inc., my book, EATING DISORDERS: Decode the Controlled Chaos– your knowledge may just save a life– A Sense of Dis/Ease, watch mental health trailer, which we have just to begun to pitch as a docuseries, our podcast, It's All About Mental Health, will continue to provide create a larger forum to speak and be heard. This is where we can instigate change and nurture insight. I have not only seen and lived much pain and despair, BUT I have been witness to resolve, resolution, love, hope, change, and forgiveness all come out of friendships and community. We have seen people helping people just because that is who they truly are as human beings. We have seen smiles amongst the pain, calm amongst the fear, hope amongst the despair, and love amongst the hate. I hope to be an advocate for us, along with so many amazing people, and open up dialogue about these topics while we continually work on finding solutions.  WE ALL DESERVE THIS. Remember, there is always power in numbers and strength in knowledge, especially when the ultimate goal is the same: safety, love, hope, connection, change, and the belief that we can never give up. We owe it to all and the generations to come. There is power in every voice so let us keep the dialogue going.

With much gratitude,

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